Tess Dumlao


Tess Dumlao

Tess Public Relations
5350 W. Bell Rd, Ste C-122 #310, Glendale, Arizona 85308
Telephone: (602) 653-6585
E-mail: info@tesspr.com    www.tesspr.com


Tess started her career in broadcast news at KNBC-TV (Ch. 4) in Los Angeles, CA. Her duties included booking guests, researching and field producing for the nationally syndicated consumer advocate show, “Fight Back!” with David Horowitz.


Reporters and anchors at KNBC encouraged Tess to try her hand “on the other side of the camera.” Within six months, Tess landed her first reporting job at the NBC affiliate in Palm Springs, CA.

For more than fifteen years, Tess has reported for TV stations in Phoenix, Tucson and anchored the morning show for the ABC affiliate in Austin, TX. She has worn many hats in the various newsrooms from general assignment reporter, health reporter, investigative reporter to feature reporter. Here in Phoenix, her most recent on-air position was with ABC 15 as a feature reporter. She has also worked for the NBC affiliate, KPNX-TV.


Today Tess takes her years of experience in the media and effectively applies her knowledge to greatly benefit her clients’ PR and marketing campaigns. Unlike other PR firms, Tess and her team don’t just coordinate with the clients, but Tess PR also works directly with producers and newspaper/magazine editors to make sure her clients are properly represented. Bottom line, Tess and her team know what works and what doesn’t.


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