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Debbie Waitkus

President and Founder
Golf for Cause®, LLC
570 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282
dwaitkus@golfforcause.com     www.golfforcause.com     www.GetYourGolfOn.info   


Debbie Waitkus, business-golf expert, speaker and author, is the President and Founder of Golf for Cause® www.golfforcause.com. She helps others use golf as a strategy to meet objectives – Turn Golf Into Gold!® Debbie uses golf as a metaphor to anchor the learning for business concepts, motivational topics and life lessons. Programs include team building, how-to-get golf-into your toolbox, business golf leagues and on-course mentoring – Nine & Wine!

She is a Co-Founder of the National Women’s Golf Alliance, working with the golf industry to evaluate, certify, educate and promote golf course properties that “Roll Out the Green Carpet” welcoming women. www.NationalWomensGolfAlliance.com

Her book, published in 2012, Get Your Golf On! ~ Your Guide to Getting in the Game www.GetYourGolfOn.info is designed not only to grow the number of women golfers, but also to grow women through the game of golf.

Debbie is a Past-President of Women in the Golf Industry, the 2012 YWCA Sports Leader/Maricopa County and the former president of a $130 million private mortgage banking firm, where she attributed golf as one of her keys to success. She appears regularly in numerous media outlets and sits on several boards.


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