Cindie Hubiak, CPA


Cindie Hubiak, CPA
President & CEO
Arizona Society of CPA's
(602) 324-2888


Cindie Hubiak is President & CEO of the Arizona Society of CPAs (ASCPA), serving a membership of more than 5,500 CPAs. The ASCPA is one of the largest membership organizations in Arizona and is supported by a 19-member board of directors. Cindie and the Society staff help CPAs succeed in many ways. The ASCPA offers more than 200 training classes and conferences throughout Arizona. They represent the interests of CPAs at the legislature and with the CPA regulatory board. The Society’s Foundation for Education and Innovation provides more than $60,000 in scholarships each year for students interested in studying the accounting profession.


Cindie was General Manager of a manufacturing plant in Singapore and Director of Finance in Europe for a worldwide manufacturer. She was Director of Human Resources and Administration for an international company employing 1,500 people. Cindie has worked in various financial areas, in training, communications and media relations, as well as in general management.

Cindie is a member of the Executive Committee for CPAs in Business and Industry for the American Institute of CPAs. Previously she served as Chair of the ASCPA board of directors. She is a member of Arizona’s Board for Private Postsecondary Education, volunteers for several nonprofit organizations and has been named one of the top women in business and the community. Cindie is certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution and received her B.S. in Accounting and her MBA from Arizona State University.

Additionally, Cindie enjoys teaching leadership programs with her husband, Steve Frohman. She has written her three books. One book helps parents live a better life and be a better parent by reducing their complaints, another book is a parable, providing ideas to reduce hassles at work and the third book is a novel about relationships and money. She loves to learn, travel and help others create more abundance in their lives.

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