Linda M. Herold


Linda M. Herold


Herold Enterprises

POBox 4182
Scottsdale, AZ 85261


Linda M. Herold, president of Herold Enterprises, understands that women relate to each other in a unique way that benefits both the woman and her community. Relocating to Phoenix in 1997, she was impressed by Valley womenís diversity of experience and the vitality of their businesses. Mastering a special blend of image, style, grace, and charm, Linda successfully forged a unique womenís forum, within which its members are able to freely exchange ideas and information on themes of every variety.

Linda began her business career in Los Angeles, working for several top ad agencies. Subsequently, as an account executive for The Estee Lauder Company, and later Lancome Paris, she managed sales and marketing activities for major retail stores, first in southern California and then in the Gulf South region. During her ensuing years in New Orleans, Linda owned and operated Linda Herold Ltd., a prestigious clothing store for professional women. Dedicated to helping others, Linda has long been an active participant in many civic, business, and womenís organizations, and has often been honored by them.

Lindaís seamless blending of poise, mentorship, networking, and social grace enable her to achieve the precise results her clients seek, whether they be in image-management, social connections, or somewhere betwixt the two.



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